Scholarship Payment Policies

Scholarship recipients are notified of their award either at Senior Awards Night or via U. S. Mail. Payments will be issued to the educational institution listed on the award letter unless the recipient sends a written notification of a change to the BASAF Treasurer.

On or about July 10 of each year, BASAF will send a check for one-half of the total scholarship award (for the Fall Semester) to the applicable educationalHeather Goan & Emily Black institution. Similarly, on or about December 10 of each year, BASAF will send a check for the balance of the total scholarship award (for the Spring Semester) to the applicable educational institution. Therefore, notifications of changes in educational institutions should be communicated to BASAF no later than July 1 and December 1, respectively.

If a notification of change in educational institution is received by BASAF after a scholarship check has been sent to an incorrect educational institution, the student will need to contact the Financial Aid office of the incorrect educational institution and request the scholarship check be returned to BASAF. Upon BASAF’s receipt of those funds, a new scholarship check will be issued to the correct educational institution.

BASAF scholarship awards cannot be deferred to future academic years.  Please refer to our Scholarship Administration Policies Rev Oct 2021 for all the important details.