Application Process


How to Apply for a Brunswick Area Student Aid Fund Scholarship

Shelby Cash & Julia CaseyApplying for a BASAF scholarship is easy! No later than March 15 OF EACH YEAR OF ELIGIBILITY (April 1, 2024 only for this year), complete and submit the BASAF Online Scholarship Application to be considered for the upcoming academic year.

The BASAF Online Scholarship Application is now open for academic year 2024-25 scholarships! To access the application, click on the red text link at the beginning of this paragraph.  It’s a very simple form, but please remember that the application requires an upload of information from your FAFSA Submission in order for you to be evaluated for a scholarship award; instructions for completing the upload are included in the application and in the following paragraph. You have until April 1, 2024 to submit your online application.  Please note we are no longer accepting paper applications.

After you and your contributors have submitted all required sections of the 2024-2025 FAFSA, you will receive a confirmation email from FAFSA, which includes your Student Aid Index (SAI).  You can either (1) upload a screenshot of your confirmation email that must include your name and your SAI, OR  (2) follow the procedure below to upload your actual FAFSA Submission Summary as soon as your FAFSA has been processed.

View or print your FAFSA Submission Summary by

    1. Logging in to using your FSA ID (account username and password);
    2. Navigating to the account Dashboard;
    3. Selecting your processed FAFSA submission from the “My Activity” page, which will bring you to the Status Center “Details” page; and selecting “View FAFSA Submission Summary.”

If you are not eligible to complete the FAFSA, please consult with your school counselor, or contact Dory Streett, Scholarship Committee Chair, at

All qualifying applications are weighed solely on the basis of financial need, and it is the intent of the BASAF to offer financial aid to as many eligible students annually as available funds permit.

Each eligible student may receive a BASAF award for two post-secondary academic years. In order to receive a second award, the student must complete and submit another BASAF Online Scholarship Application, along with their most recent FAFSA Submission Summary no later than March 15 of each year of eligibility (April 1, 2024 only for this year).

Please note we are not able to grant extensions beyond the April 1 deadline, and we are no longer accepting paper applications.

Questions? Contact Dory Streett, Scholarship Committee Chair, at