Robin Hurst Memorial Fund

Robin_HurstRobin Hurst was born in 1962 and, from her earliest years, was a lover of music.  She began with piano lessons and quickly gravitated to the flute.  To hear her music wafting through the air on a summer day was to experience pure joy.

Robin also became a student of German after accompanying her great-grandfather, who studied in Germany, on strolls in Harpswell.  While attending Northfield Mount Hermon, she spent a semester in Germany while living with a German family.

At the age of 27, Robin passed away after a valiant battle against cancer.  Robin accomplished much in her short life and had an enthusiastic involvement in everything she undertook. This fund was established to help others pursue their dreams.  Awards from this fund are based on student financial need, after which recipients are requested to be residents of Harpswell who study and/or participate in music or foreign languages.