Michael Hernandez Memorial Fund

The Michael Hernandez Memorial Fund was established to support a student pursuing a degree in Nursing. Michael unexpectedly passed away at age 58 in 2017. He was at an age where he was at the top of his game in his chosen field of Geriatric Nursing.

Michael graduated from St. Regis High School in New York City in 1976 and eventually relocated to Midcoast Maine. At age 35, he put himself through nursing school while running a full-time restaurant, working 60 hours a week, and doing his homework in his free time.

Becoming a nurse was his true calling. Michael worked as the Admissions Director for three local long-term care facilities during his 23-year nursing career. He was instrumental in helping hundreds of families successfully and compassionately transfer their loved ones from their longtime homes to their new place of residence. Michael was a committed advocate for patients in need of medical care.  He was the best in the Midcoast area and many people turned to him for advice. Michael was a caring and humble gentleman.  He was a hard worker, never complained and always put others first. He cared for everyone around him and never asked for anything in return. Michael led a life of service and was very professional, thoughtful and compassionate. He made a lasting impression on everyone that he came in contact with and the nursing field was a better place because of him.

Awards from this fund are based on student financial need, after which the recipient is requested to be a student who is pursuing a degree in Nursing.