General Donation Acceptance Policies

BASAF does not accept contributions with donor-imposed restrictions that run contrary to the primary criteria of awarding scholarships based on student financial need. Contributions to BASAF are considered available for unrestricted use at the discretion of the Board of Directors, subject to the terms of the BASAF By-Laws.

Donors may stipulate their wishes for post-secondary scholarships to be awarded to eligible students who have particular academic goals, certain past achievements, specified backgrounds, and other criteria. However, as BASAF’s primary mission is to provide scholarships on the basis of student financial need, we are under no obligation to disburse scholarships in accordance with such donor stipulated wishes.

We will make every effort, after scholarship amounts have been determined and awarded on the basis of financial need, to fulfill donor intentions that may be attached to an award, provided the administration of the award is consistent with our mission and complies with our Conflict of Interest Policy.

We currently manage a number of funds that support students graduating from a specific school (such as Brunswick High School or Mount Ararat High School) or who are pursuing a specific educational program. BASAF is very willing to work with donors who wish to establish criteria for consideration after awards are made based on student financial need.