The future success of BASAF depends on the continuing support of community members and all who believe in the value of education. In order to provide awards which significantly impact the affordability of post-secondary education for local students, on-going fund raising and volunteer efforts are crucial.

The gift of a scholarship is a generous and significant act which positively impacts the donor, the recipient, and the community as a whole. BASAF is a well-managed, credible non-profit organization with a long history of effective stewardship of the funds.  It is particularly gratifying when past award recipients give back by making financial contributions, volunteering to serve, or both!

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All Contributions are Welcome

A list of all existing Endowed Funds can be found on our Endowed Funds page. At your direction, your financial contribution can be applied to any of these already existing funds.

Donors who wish to make a contribution to BASAF can do so without earmarking it for a particular fund. Such financial contributions will be applied to the BASAF Discretionary Scholarship Fund, which is used to supplement our annual scholarship awards.

Donors might also consider earmarking their contribution for the BASAF K-12 Student Needs Fund, which supports our secondary mission of assisting grade K-12 students with overcoming challenges that interfere with being a productive student, such as assistance with the cost of eyeglasses, clothing, doctors, dentists and other necessities.

For More Information regarding Financial Support:

If you have questions or wish to arrange a meeting to discuss any of these matters, please contact Dan Doiron, BASAF Treasurer.

Volunteer Opportunities

BASAF is managed entirely by volunteers; we do not have any paid administrative staff. Anyone interested in serving on the Board of Directors or being involved as a non-Board Member volunteer should contact Marie Whitney, BASAF President.