2015-2016 Scholarship Committee Award Results. This year's 2015-2016 Scholarship Awards total $385,000!


Established in 1954, BASAF was the inspiration of Mario Tonon, then Principal of Brunswick High School. Early growth of the Fund can be attributed primarily to contributions from local businesses and fund-raising activities by students. Continued growth in later years resulted from a combination of sound fiscal management and donations of many amounts from individuals and estates. Significant contributions have come from the Estates of George D. Senter, Marion McKenney Booker, Emery W. Booker, Edward S. Lanciani, Emile Bouchard and Adrienne Bouchard.  BASAF is grateful to all who have contributed in furtherance of its mission.

Who we are... In 1954, Mario Tonon, Principal of Brunswick High School, created the Brunswick Area Student Aid Fund. In the first year, six scholarships of $50.00 each were awarded. Today, citizens, students and local businesses, coupled with sound management, have helped create our present endowment of approximately $4 million; recent annual awards exceeded $300,000. In addition to post-secondary education grants, the Fund pays for eye glasses, clothing, doctors, dentists and other necessities on behalf of elementary and secondary school students for families in need. For information on our endowment go to Funds.